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"I just wanted a new sofa and my sister recommended Katrinka. I did not have a huge budget. I had an idea of what I wanted, but I was really concerned about making mistakes. I am a coach, not a decorator. I have a beautiful living room now, from furniture to custom window treatments. I even got so inspired that I also remodeled the whole kitchen. I can recommend her for helping me see it through from beginning to end."—Linda

"At 76 years old, I was reluctant to redo my living room. It had been twenty nine years since I built the house and I hadn’t made any changes. I met KT (Katrinka) and we just hit it off. I assumed that it was going to be more that I wanted to spend, and was concerned about the money. It is not that I didn’t have it, mind you. I am just not willing to part with more than I have to. We talked openly about money and she delivered within what I wanted to spend. I had it done room by room over about 7 months. We have completely changed the whole house. We even changed carpets and put in new hardwood floors. I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. Thanks a million."—Barbara



"My husband Bill and I added on to our sunroom for more space. We made it a family/dining room. We have art that we have collected over the years and specific colors in mind, because of a rug from India. When I started working with Katrinka I had never used a designer before. We found the new sectional and the fabrics first. Then she presented the floor plan and we made only a few chair placement changes. We ordered everything and a few weeks later it was all delivered. Katrinka came back and accessorized with my things that had been in boxes and a few new things. Bill was there every step of the way and we both love it. We are working on our 16-year-old twins' upstairs space now."—Dianne

"I am single and new to the area. I just bought a beautiful downtown condo overlooking the river. An attorney friend of mine had used Katrinka to design their home and they were very pleased. My first consult was finding out what I really wanted. I had left all my furniture behind and wanted to start fresh. I wasn’t one for getting decorating advice, but I did come to realize I do have pretty good taste. We did a few custom pieces that took a little longer than I thought. It was worth the wait. I have a great looking place to have friends and entertain. I am proud to have people over. Thanks for the help."—Jonathan


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